Chulho "Charles" Won
Assistant Professor
Engineering East(EE) Room 264
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
California State University, Fresno
Phone:  559-278-4415


Ph.D.,   Electrical & Computer Engineering, Oregon State University, 2004.
M.S.,    Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 1987.
B.S.,     Electrical Engineering, Korea Aerospace University (Hankuk Aviation University), 1985.


Computer Networks: ECE146 (Computer Networks), ECE291T (Topics on Wireless Sensor Networks)
Computer Architecture: ECE118 (Microprocessor), ECE120L (Assembly Programming), ECE174 (Computer Architecture)
Digital Systems: ECE85, ECE106 (Digital Logic Design), ECE176 (Verilog HDL)
Programming: ECE71 (C Programming)


My general research interests include computer networks and computer systems architecture. Recently, I have been working on research projects on large-scale wireless sensor networks. My current research focus is on hardware and software design issues of self-sustaining large-scale wireless sensor networks for agricultural applications.

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