maria's photo Maria's relatives
aleksey's photo Aleksey's relatives
School 57 USA
photo Anya Amineva (cousin's daughter; flower girl)
photo Asya Amineva (cousin's daughter)
photo Lesha Aminev (cousin's husband)
photo Sasha Voloshina (sister; maid of honor)
photo Sergei Voloshin (father)
photo Sveta Amineva (cousin)
photo Tanya Voloshina (stepmother)
photo Tusya Voloshina (sister; train bearer)
photo Elena Nogina (mother)
photo Masha Nogina (niece)
photo Mitya Nogin (brother; best man)
photo Sergei Artemov (father; toastmaster)
photo Sergei Koralov (cousin)
photo Tanya Hotileva (sister-in-law)
photo Yuri Vainberg (father)
photo Andrei Bremzen
photo Denis Shorin
photo Natasha Murataeva
photo Pasha Anaschenko
photo Sasha Totok
photo Sveta Shorina
photo Vlad Leybzon
photo Alexei Kopylov
photo Jason Hickey
photo Jonathan Pakianathan
photo Nobu Hickey
photo Takako Hickey
photo Very likely: chipmunk and other small animals
photo May be: bear

Note: Young guests are shown in color according to their age as follows: babies, 5-6 years old, 10 years old, 17-18 years old, age unknown.

Last update: 21 July 2004.

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