Wedding photos

Some photos have been posted at

Selected photos will be posted here after we collect all the photos from our guests.
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Dear guests: please send us photos you took during the wedding!

Important: We would really like to get the original (full size and unedited) versions of all photos. If you have edited some photos you are of course very welcome to send edited versions as well, but we still want unedited ones too. There are several ways to send your pictures: If you have any questions please call us: Aleksey 1 (626) 422-2480, Maria 1 (559) 341-6165.

Here is one picture taken by Aleksey's mom:
just married
More pictures will be posted here a bit later.
Sveta and Denis have posted their pictures at
Takako and Jason have posted their pictures at


Last update: 25 August 2004

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