Tentative schedule

Monday, 26 July

Guests arriving. Directions here. Site 53 will probably be the headquarters / gathering site.

Starting at 6 PM: Dinner at the campground.

Tuesday, 27 July

Morning: Breakfast at the campground. Just come to site 53 at any time and help yourself.

Afternoon: Hiking and/or other activities.

Evening (exact time and locations to be determined): Brides's party will go out for ice cream / dessert. Groom's party will go out for beer / drinks. All girls are encouraged to join bride's party and all boys are encouraged to join groom's party, but of course you are welcome to choose which group you want to join.

Wednesday, 28 July

2:15-2:30 PM: Guests gathering at the Emerald Bay Overlook (click here for a map). Please be advised that the parking lot is usually almost or completely full, and you have to look for an empy spot or even wait until someone leaves, so try to use as few cars as possible and come early. The overlook is beautiful, and you can take pictures there.

2:30-2:45: Walking to the ceremony location.

Starting at 3 PM: Ceremony.

Evening, probably starting at around 5:30 PM (exact time to be determined): Dinner at the campground.

Thursday, 29 July

Beach and/or other activities.

Friday, 30 July

12 PM: Checkout time at the campground.

Last update: 18 July 2004.

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