Communications Laboratory

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This webpage contains documents used in a communications laboratory course (ECE 134L) offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Lyles College of Engineering at the California State University, Fresno.

This communications laboratory uses the TIMS-301C instrument of Emona Instruments (Camperdown, NSW, Australia). The TIMS-301C incorporates a PicoScope, made by Pico Technology (St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK).

Questions regarding the following documents can be directed to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

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Introductory Material

The following two documents should be read by each student before beginning the lab assignments. The first document is a guide for getting started with the TIMS-301C instrument. The second document explains aliasing that occurs with the PicoScope in Spectrum Mode (a sampling spectrum analyzer).

Document Name Download Link
TIMS-301C Instrument and the PicoScope Download
Aliasing Download

Lab Assignments

Lab Name Download Link
Signals and Systems Download
Linear Time-Invariant Systems Download
DSB and AM Download
Single Sideband Download
Frequency Modulation Download
Phase-Locked Loop Download
Receiver Architectures Download
Sampling Download
Pulse-Width Modulation Download
Digital Modulation Download
Costas Loop Download