Cagle's Tahoe '97
Panoramic Pictures

Part One: The Balcony


Arrival of Sparks, Harms, Bergquist, Costanza, and Adams

Life on the Balcony

Friedman, Krieger, Turton, Alpha, Wenguer, Fowlie, and Davis

Davis, Matz, Fowlie, and Pollard

Davis, Matz, Hayes, Hirsch, Buch, and Fowlie

von Hoetzendorff, Turton, and Alpha

Erickson, Costanza, and Hirsch

Abram, Matz, Alpha, Turton, von Hoetzendorff, and Fowlie

Schmidt, Boczan, Ebbesmeyer, Thompson, and Adams

Tomaryn, Bergquist, Peterson, and Grimes

von Hoetzendorff, Adams, and cigar

York, Matz, and Thompson

Matz, von Hoetzendorff, and Adams

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