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NEH Seminar for Teachers I
California State University, Fresno

Saturday, September 12th, 1998

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Chinese Funeral in San Francisco -- between 1896-1916 (Library of Congress)


8:30-9:30 Immigration History & Basque Immigration
Presenter: Dr. Jeronima Echeverria,
Associate Dean of Social Sciences and Professor of History

9:40-10:40 Chinese Immigration
Presenters: Dr. Cheng Lok Chua, Department of English
Dr. Franklin Ng, Department of Anthropology

10:40-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Developing a High School Curriculum on Immigration Studies
Group Discussion

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break: Deans Gallery

1:00-2:30 Technology Workshop: Library and Electronic Resources
Presenter: Ross Labaugh, Henry Madden Library

Basque Immigration to the West

Background Readings:

Basque Boardinghouses
by Jeronima Echeverria

Changing Images
by Richard Etulain

Euskara: Translating a Culture
by Linda White and Thomas McClanahan

Basque Sheepherding in the American West
by William A. Douglass

Basque Music and Dance
by David Romvedt

Beyond Amerikanuak (and other papers)
by William A. Douglass

by Thomas McClanahan

Exploring Basque Immigration
on the Internet:

Basque Culture and Arts

Maps (click on thumbnails)

map1.gif (9895 bytes)Basques in Europe

map2.gif (44852 bytes)Basques in California


Chinese Immigrants in California

Background Readings:


Exploring Chinese Immigration
on the Internet:

Angel Island
A Short History of the Chinese in San Diego
1897-1916 Films of San Francisco (Library of Congress)
letstay.gif (32483 bytes)
The Chinese -- Facts for Atlantic Papers (1874)
San Francisco Museum:   Chinese Links
"The Coolie Trade"
Early California History from the 1800s
Asian American Links


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