The Robin Williams and Rob Bartsch Hate Mail Section

Welcome to the wonderful world of hateful people. I thought this would be a simple little email but it seems like I'm going to be adding anther runner up (or should I call him "backdoor bubba"...heh heh) to Rob McMullen (who at least was willing to tell me his name). We'll kindly refer to this person as Flamer......BUT, we do have his email address so that works great for me! And on to the NEW challenger for the Hate Mail Section. I figured I might as well put my name on the list since I'm not looked upon in a good light either (to say the least). Have you noticed these two really have a way with words and phrases...heh heh....I really need to stop slamming but these little flamers are so pathetic, it's hard not to want to put them in their places. So...let the battle commence....

Here is Flamer's E-mail to me

You know that letter by that Rob Mcmillan guy is probably the most intelligent peice of information on your whole web site. He is right on target in what he is saying about Robin and about yourself. I just watched Good will Hunting and it was as if Matt Daman and Robin were going to get it on at anytime! By the way it is rather strange that you put so much effort into a man's web site. Are you gay, or is it you just don't have a life. And I was reading through your site and your sense of humor is just flat out Lame! Not as meaningless as Robin's but nevertheless, very weak! Good Bye, and I'll tell my freinds about your infatuation, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it, and have some fun with you. It is 4 sure that times like these are truely great!

My Turn

Hello Flamer-

First off, I appreciate you leaving your email address. I'll be more than happy to add you to the hate monger list. Then you can be sure to tell your friends that if they'd like to take a shot at me or Robin, they'll be next on the hit list. So...if they are idiotic like you, they can look forward to TONS of hate mail on a daily basis. And you guys can slam till your heart's content. Then you can call everyone gay for that matter. HEY! Since Rob McMullen's email is below maybe you two can go out for drinks and come out of the closet together! What do you think? Maybe I'll make a love connection yet in spite of this hate mail from you two....heh heh

And I'm not gay for your info. So I guess I'm just like you. I don't have a life. Here is a question for you. What were you doing watching Good Will Hunting if you hate Robin so much? And where did you get the gay overtones? Maybe it's time you come out of the closet if you see a homosexuality overtone in a dramatic film. You probably have the same mentality watching Saturday Morning Cartoons (I'm guessing your age....7...maybe 8 years old at best). I can see this little flamer at home saying, "Mommy...did you see the way Bugs Bunny was looking at Yosemite Sam??? I think they're lovers!!!"

OK...I've wasted enough time on you. The rest of the world can take their shots at you because I'm finished. I've got better things to do with my life than waste time on your sorry ass....

P.S. I hope things work out between you and Mr. McMullen. I think there's a lot of LOVE between the two of you that only you guys can give to each other. So thanks for the feedback Flamer! You're right. As you say, "Times like these are TRUELY great"! (let me know when you can bring that grade up to a "C" in elementary school. I assume spelling....or anything for that matter...was not one of your strong points......and your slamming didn't even have a point. You've just been absolutely annihilated!) And maybe next time, you'll think twice before you email someone about your own hang ups.

All the worst.....Mr. Bartsch

OK...I'm done. NEXT! Here is Flamer's email address so, by all means, give him a piece of your mind....and then some...:-)

Here is Rob McMullen's E-mail to me

Dear Sir,

One has to wonder why one would dedicate an entire page to one of the most overrated so-called, actor/comedian performers ever. It seems to me, and many others that Robin is being promoted as some kind of icon in the entertainment and comedy industry. I must say, unfortionally that Iv'e seen a large percentage of his movies promoted as being outragiosly funny and humorous. And as I suffered through these so-called funny movies, I never cracked so much as a smile. In fact I found it an extremely big waste of my time. I find him to be a total NON-TALENT. I'm wondering if there is some underlying cause that this guy is famous. What I'm getting at is, it seems that a large percentage of his recent and not so recent movies include and in ways promote homosexuality. Now given the facts and data I've collected I think there is a strong possibility that he is a butt-muncher himself. So anyone devoting a web page to him must be the same himself. It is a true shame that we have some really bad, sick, perverted people in today's society that get the credit and compensation, but I can assure you that you will not prevail.

That's all for now, happy brown busting!

Rob McMullen

My Humble Opinion on Rob McMullen

Well....what exactly can I say about this guy except the infamous quote, "Opinions are like a@#holes.....everybody's got one". In fact, I feel sorry for Mr. McMullen. I never realized that there were people out there that had nothing better to do than deal with their own "homosexuality issues" on the net. Have you told your parents about your "homophobia" Mr. McMullen? (Or do you have parents?) Don't share it with me! And ever thought about this? If you hate Robin so much, how is that you've spent the time searching the web for Robin Williams?!?! Is it because you enjoy searching for people you hate so you can email the web masters? Maybe you should stop.....take a long hard look in the mirror....and shut up!

The funny thing is, it probably took him more time to type the above letter than it took me to put the entire Robin page together. Although now I guess I have to admit it. I've been living a lie my whole life. Thanks to my new acquaintance, Mr. McMullen, I guess I'm not heterosexual after all because Robin Williams is gay and therefore so am I. Amazing isn't it? Isn't it funny how I can suddenly be called homosexual when I'm heterosexual, all because I think Robin Williams is funny?!? Ever wonder how odd it is that Robin could be gay and married to his wife Marsha too?.....hmmm.....this guy really has been doing his research hasn't he?(and I mean that in total sarcasm).....heh heh......what a joke in itself...

All I can say now to McMullen is thanks for humoring me. Morons always give me a good laugh! And I take pride in knowing that there are idiots like you roaming the face of the Earth. If only you could find the edge of the world and take a few more steps...heh heh...Hey maybe there is a future project for you Mr. McMullen. Then you could say "you actually accomplished something"! YOUR NONEXISTENCE..*evil grin*

Take care of yourself Mr. McMullen. And since there are no hard feelings between us, I would like you to be acknowledged for your EXISTENCE. Therefore, I hope you enjoy your new "fan/hate" mail based on your KIND words to me and everyone associated with Robin Williams...

Avengingly.......Mr. Bartsch

And now....for the moment you've all been waiting all means...

E-mail Rob McMullen with your thoughts on his letter

GOD! Sometimes I just love the internet....especially at times like these......;-)