Video Shooting Basics
Candace Lee Egan

Camera Moves
A companion book to this site is Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know. The page numbers noted below refer to this book.

Description: Shows what's to the left or right of the screen. Pg. 2.
Purposes: Reveal setting, sweep across subject wider than screen, show relationship between two subjects.
Video Clip
Play 56k Modem. Play DSL.
Description: Shows what's above or below the screen. Pg. 3.
Purposes: Reveal parts of vertical subject, useful for showing tall objects, show relationship between parts of a subject, can add suspense or surprise.
Video Clip
Play 56k Modem. Play DSL.

Description: Camera physically moves to left or right around subject.
Purposes: Reveal another side of subject, add dimension, show physical relationship between objects or subjects.

Description: Camera physically moves toward or away from subject. Pg. 4.
Purposes: Change focus of attention from broad view to detail of subject or vice versa. Provides sense of physically moving closer or farther from subject.

Video Clip
Play 56k Modem. Play DSL.

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