The Great Road Trip to Utah

  Rick Turton's girlfriend, I should say his very beautiful blond girlfriend
Janice pronounced 'Janeese' it seems to me, was at BYU in Provo, Utah. One Friday afternoon we were lolling on the grass outside the cafeteria at
SFVSC and Turton thought it would be a good idea to go see her. So we
gassed up my VW and hit the road, driving all night. Upon arriving at the
school early Sat morning, Turton called her from a Denny's in Provo (no
coffee or cokes there at that time, which amazed me..) and we were spirited
in a back door of the girl's dorm and up to their room. This was truly
something at a time when coed dorms were only a dream, and the girls' dorm at Brigham Young University was regarded as very secure. I recall
discussing the 'honor' system! Janice, I don't think that is the correct
spelling, had a roommate of course, with whom I had a most pleasant time!
So did Rick and his lady. Early Sunday AM we left, naturally we had to be
back for the fraternity meeting Sunday night! We loved the sign announcing
the town of 'Beaver', Utah, and tried unsuccessfully to steal it. We
stopped at Zion (being true geography majors) and ran around there
exploring, getting our body clocks to work again for the very long, long
drive home. Of course we blew into the house with barely enough time to
put on a tie for the meeting, but we made it! Very few believed the story
we told.

Rick Grimes

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