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San Fernando Valley State College

Pi Kappa Tau Stories is intended to be a cyberhistory of Pi Kappa Tau. Pi Kappa Tau has always had great stories. These stories are not "secret," although they are "private" in a sense. Today's web environment gives as much privacy as posting the story on a supermarket bulletin board, so rather than fight this issue, we've decided to embrace it.
As Pi Kappa Tau Stories grows over time with what you wish to add to it, we will try to keep it user-friendly, organized in some rough chronology. As Stu Olster observed, "Fraternity stories are not for the timid or faint of heart." Those contributing stories and recollections are urged to remember that it may well be your grandchildren doing the reading.

Index to stories:

Von Haase's Pi Kappa Tau Memories

The Great Train Crash

The Great Road Trip to Utah

The Great Marlboro Contest

In Memory of Rick Krieger

Reflections for CSUN's 40th Year

Stu Olster Raises a Point of Order

First Contact

There's always a Joker


The Cagle Journals: Summer of 1964

Ellsworth's "It was a dark and stormy night...."