Part Five
Cagle's Tahoe '97 Pictures

Sunday: PKT Pictures by Year

Time for Photography

PKT in Tahoe 1997

Click on picture to see large 720 dpi picture--good for printing.

Founders 1961

Muzillo, Fowlie, Meyer, Krieger, and Wenguer

1961 Pledge Year

Bordofsky and Pollard

1962 Pledge Year

Fowlie (Pledgemaster), Adams, von Hoetzendorff, Turton, Melton, Cagle, Harms, and Matz

1963 Pledge Year

Sparks, Davis, Hayes, Kaplan, Roberts, York, Ellsworth, Grimes, and Friedman

1964 Pledge Year

Costanzo, Katka, Costanzo, and Erickson

Brothers looking at Cagle's scrapbook.