Stu Olster Raises a Point of Order

  Back in the real olde days, before Pi Kappa Tau was even dreamed up one summer's day at the beach, I was elected Parliamentarian of what was then known as the Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Psi. Our fraternity meetings were run by Roberts Rules of Order, which I doubt is too much different now than then (except of course by the elimination of any socially incorrect racial, ethnic or religious references).

At any rate, during one of the meetings, my bladder was about to explode. In what turned out to be a world-class Freudian Slip, and intending to ask the Chair for a Point of Personal Privilege, I requested instead a "point of personal urination", which point was promptly refused by the Chair, who also saw fit to levy a fine for my trouble.

Feigning outrage, I appealed the decision of the Chair to the floor and my appeal was upheld, resulting in the rescission of the fine (this wasn't really about money anyway) and one of the best pisses of my life.

What, I wonder, would be the interpretation of these events under the current version of Robert's.

By the way, the Chair (or President as he was then known) was our own Ralph Muzzillo, whom I have seen fit to copy on this missive, lest he forget one of the early-life defeats which has kept him humble lo these many decades.

Thanks for listenin'.

Best regards, fraternally,

Stu ( Olster

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