Pi Kappa Tau Memories


Greetings Brothers, 
I did not intend to drop from sight for al these years-- but, as they say, time flies when you're having fun! The short version is that I went to work for Lockheed as a summer hire in 1965 and I'm still with them. Nancy and I have been married for 36 years this August, we have three grown daughters and two granddaughters. We live in Northern Virginia about 15 miles upstream from Washington DC near the Potomac River. I hope to make it to a reunion and/or team meeting soon. In the mean time, just looking at the web site brought back some memories which may trigger more with you all. These are a few of the most memorable events I had as a PI KAP at VSC:

PI KAPPA TAU Memories 

1. Kappa Alpha using the x-ray machine at Northridge Hospital to x-ray parking lot key cards so we could make our own with razor blade pieces taped to last year’s card. 

2. Learning how to tie a Windsor knot. 

3. The Homecoming Float that played Herb Albert’s “Lonely Bull” 

4. Making a million crepe paper flowers to decorate the aforementioned float 

5. Passing the bottle to announce that I had given a girl my pin (I passed Jim Beam because I couldn’t afford better and we didn’t know the difference anyway and still have the bottle!) 

6. Pledges answering the phone before the third ring (or else) 

7. Hell Night – you can hide an amazing amount of cash in your clothing. 

8. The balloons in the net that dropped from the ceiling at midnight one New Years Eve party. 

9. Taking my date to see Larry Castro’s horse (and the moonlight, etc) – that horse must have seen quite a lot over the years. 

10. A million Marlboro boxes in the attic of 9000 Balboa 

11. Becoming comfortable speaking in public. 

12. That mosaic tile coffee table that had PKT in black and gold tiles (or was it a stereo lid that was decorated that way?) 

13. Learning to memorize 300 new names and faces during rush. 

14. Wearing our PKT dress shirts and ties to classes one day a week (Monday?) 

15. Raising hell with the pledges when someone got diarrhea allegedly because the dishes weren’t rinsed at 9000 Balboa 

16. Being the Gentile who lit the Menorah one night during Chanukah because no Jewish brothers were in the house. (Yes, I did read the prayer.) 

17. Looking at houses forever to find the Nordhoff house when we had to leave 9000 Balboa (and learning about all the zoning ordinances) 

18. Intramural sports 

19. Sanding and varnishing Turton’s Woody every spring 

20. Surfing with Turton and other brothers before, after (or instead of) class-- especially Santa Monica after dark 

And, best of all, 

21. Meeting a girl at a house party who has been my wife for more than 36 years. 

Fraternally yours, 

Dale Von Haase 
F '62 

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