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San Fernando Valley State College

Pi Kappa Tau Archives contains a photographic history, containing images of good times, old rush brochures, things important in the history of Pi Kappa Tau such as the petition to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, etc. If you have things you'd like to contribute, please contact Turton or Cagle.

Residing in our Archive as of 22 November 2019:

Pi Kappa Tau [PowerPoint]

Pi Kappa Tau Scrapbooks 1961-65 [PowerPoint 42 MB download]

1997 Lake Tahoe Retreat Revisited [PowerPoint 85 MB]

Pismo Nov 2019 [PowerPoint]

Pismo May 2018 [PowerPoint]

Pismo Nov 2016 [PowerPoint]

Pismo May 2015 [pdf]

Pismo Nov 2013 [pdf]

Cal Nu 45th Anniversary Banquet

Gerry Adams organized a dinner at Bucco di Peppo the night before:
The anniversary banquet at the Hilton was a great success:

CSU Northridge Founder's Day 2012

Some photographs at the 2012 Founder's Day event:

Pismo May 2012

Curt Ebbesmeyer's Pi Kappa Tau History Project
An evolving gathering of Pi Kap facts--pledge classes, presidents, etc.  Please send suggestions and corrections to Curt....

Pismo November 2010

SAE Cal Nu Charter Banquet October 2009

Pismo May 2009 Pictures

Cal State Northridge 50th Anniversary Grand Reunion--April 25, 2009

Cal Nu 40th Anniversary Dinner--Sportsman's Lodge--October 2008

Cagle's Shoebox 1960s Photograph Albums

Pismo November 2007 Pictures

Pismo May 2006 Pictures

Three from 1964
Three classic photographs of the Pi Kap house from Gil Taylor

Pi Kappa Tau in Pismo
November 2004

Pictures from Cagle's Little Camera

Pi Kappa Tau in Pismo
May 1-4, 2003

Cagle's Scrapbook 
[There are a huge number of picture files, collectively a lot of megabytes--
that is, it may take a while for all pictures to get downloaded....]

Low bandwidth (56K modems): Pismo 2003 video
bandwidth (cable, DSL, ethernet): Pismo 2003 video
[You will need Microsoft Media Player to view this file.  There are versions both for Windows and for Macintosh computers.  The Microsoft website for the free download is http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/players.aspx]

Pi Kappa Tau in Pismo
November 2-4, 2001

PKT Pismo Gathering,
May 4-7, 2000
Cagle's pictures
Bonus:  Founders's Lesson for the Archives

Don Stokes's PKT Scrapbook

PKT Pismo Gathering,
November 6-8, 1998

PKT-SAE Cal Nu 30th Anniversary

Lake Tahoe Reunion, May 1997

Bend Oregon, 1996





  • 1964 Rush Brochure
    With thanks to Cagle, we can once again see this classic from our past.

Photographs and Artifacts

  • Fratman
    The famous mid 1960s comic character revisited.

  • Miscellaneous Photographs
    A page with of interest to Pi Kappa Tau, including the fraternity crest, pin, and house, not to mention what the "Surfer's Stomp" actually looked like.