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Summer Bridge 2000



Information Competency Model Introduction to navigating the information highway

ALIS at Fresno State

Altavista Premier search engine to explore the Internet using keywords

Google Premier search engine that ranks selections based on links from other websites

Yahoo Premier "table of contents" into the Internet

Dogpile A new search engine that has a name
Bulldogs just have to like

Douglass Archives of American Public Address

Smithsonian Institution

Library of Congress


Writing Labs

Lab One
Windows & Macintosh Operating systems
Saving files

Lab Two
Library research using computer resources
Taking notes using Netscape & Word
Using Quotations in Writing

Lab Three
In-text Citations
Works Cited
MLA Format

Lab Four
Polishing papers
Spell & grammar checking


Send good research links to johnca@csufresno.edu. Our intention is to build a useful resource to aid students in multicultural studies.   You help will be appreciated.  Thank you.

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1999 by John A. Cagle, Professor of Communication, California State University, Fresno.