The Music of 3RD MATINEE

3rd Matinee is:

  • Patrick Leonard: keyboards and background vocals
  • Richard Page: lead and background vocals & guitar
  • Brian Macleod: drums and percussion
  • Guy Pratt: bass
  • James Hurrah: guitar

  • A Little Info about the album Meanwhile

    This is the follow-up album to Toy Matinee's break up of Kevin Gilbert and Patrick Leonard. Now under the name 3rd Matinee, Patrick continued his Toy sound with the help of Mr. Mister's lead vocalist, Richard Page. Their tracks have every unique style of music possible. From the first track to the last, there is everything from pop/rock, ballads, to even spiritual and a twinge of folk. Although, listening to it, I would have to classify this as alternative with a pop edge. Check out the sound files and hear for yourself.

     In addition to the music that I've put up for you, I also scanned an autographed photo of Richard Page & Patrick Leonard to share with you as well. So click here to view the photo.

    I've put some sound samples in the Real Audio format so if you don't have it already,Go Get Real Audio! If you like what you hear, go pick up the CD and let me know what you think : )

    Song Titles to 3rd Matinee's Meanwhile

  • I Don't CareListen to this song in Real Audio!
  • Freedom Road
  • Holiday for Sweet Louise
  • She Dreams: Listen to this song in Real Audio!
  • Ordinary Day
  • Family Tree
  • EchoHill
  • All the Way Home
  • Silver Cage
  • Trust Somebody
  • Meanwhile
  • Get the 3rd Matinee Lyrics Here

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