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What's New as of 11/11/98

I wished that I could say that the rock opera is going to come out on a certain date, but that has still yet to happen. BUT...there is news for those technoholics like me out there. Toy Matinee has been re-released on a new format called DTS Audio 5.1. I wouldn't go out and buy this CD just yet though. Here is the catch. The only reason you would want this audio CD is if you have a surround sound system at home AND a DTS decoder. Otherwise, the DTS audio disc will just play hissy feedback and can damage your speakers. Of course, yours truly has already blown every red cent on getting a surround sound system anyways for my movies and of course, I had to get the DTS decoder when I found out that Toy Matinee was being re-released and in surround sound no less. What do I think of it?!?! One word.....INCREDIBLE! The sound on the DTS audio discs is just phenominal! You can hear all the backing vocals and each instrument is spread out from the left, center, right speaker to the back left and right speakers. It gives you so much more from the original CD that it's unbelievable. But, like I say...the cost is pretty expensive. If you want to read up more on this DTS technology, Click here to go to the DTS page and read more about it.

Previous News from 9/9/98

How has everybody been doing? Things are choatic for me as usual. I'm trying to do too much in so little time but I want to try and keep you as updated as I possibly can! I've been hearing a lot of interesting rumors going around of what is to come with Kevin Gilbert's last unreleased album "The Shaming of the True" to get you the latest update. Some of them are so far fetched that I'd rather not get into them unless they are OFFICIAL. But so far, I have heard that the final mix of the Rock opera Kevin referred to as "The Shaming of the True" was completed as of February. So we will see if there is a final release date.

Some of the info I've been getting has been handed down over the net so I really don't trust anything until I hear word from the big wigs. And, as of now, I don't have contact with any of them. But I will work on that so we'll have fact and not fiction as to what is to come from Kevin.

And just for your info, I've been doing a lot of updating to the discography on the Kevin Gilbert site which will give you just about every possible CD known to man that Kevin had anything to do with.

So that is about it for now but I wanted to make sure that you guys know I'm still looking for Kevin stuff so keep touching base with me in email and I'll keep you posted as best as I can!

Or, better yet, if you'd like to get a hold of me to chat, just Page me through ICQ. If you already have ICQ, you can find me by typing in my ICQ # which is 1417307.

Recently, I've been in contact with Stan Cotey, Guitarist of Giraffe and he has been working with a new artist residing and recording out of Nashville (no....it isn't Country Music if that is what you're thinking. Gimme a little credit why don't ya...heh heh). Her name is Cherie and she was kind enough to let me listen to her 4 track EP. I suggest you give a listen to the tunes and check it out. Here is Cherie's home page for your viewing and listening pleasure.


These pages cover four of my favorite Progressive/Pop Rock Groups. For the people that are new to all of these bands, give em a listen before you move on to your next destination. If you like one of the CDs, I'm sure you'll like the rest of them considering that three of the four CDs have the same lead singer. And here is the story of how all these bands came to be.

A band called Giraffe was discovered in the late 80s at a Yamaha competition that helped them to produce two albums which are now very hard to come by now a days. One of the judges at the Yamaha competition, Patrick Leonard (who was known for his production work with musical acts such as Madonna and Roger Waters) was interested in starting up a band with the lead singer of Giraffe, Kevin Gilbert. This band was called "Toy Matinee".

Toy Matinee came out with their first and only album in 1990 with Kevin Gilbert (lead vocalist) & Patrick Leonard (background vocalist and keyboards). Kevin and Patrick went their separate ways after their debut. Fortunately, all was not dead in their separate musical endeavors.

In 1994, when I thought Toy Matinee was long over with, Patrick continued the sound of Toy Matinee with the help of Richard Page (lead singer from Mr. Mister) to create another album of excellent tracks ranging from all kinds of musical styles. This collaboration is now under the name 3rd Matinee.

As for Kevin Gilbert, he released a solo album in 1995 entitled "Thud". Some of the most diverse tracks I've ever heard from Kevin are on this album. Some have the feel of Toy Matinee & others are totally different from what I'd expected. But very well done!

Sadly, Kevin Gilbert was found dead on May 17, 1996. He will be sorely missed. BUT, his music will last forever. I will see to that with these web pages. ;-) For those that are interested, I've set up a memorial page in dedication to Kevin Gilbert and to share my experience with the loss of my father to help Kevin's friends, fans & loved ones try to cope with their loss. There is also information about contributing to Kevin's memorial fund for those that are interested.

Being an admirer of all 4 bands, I decided to showcase them all for your viewing and most importantly, listening pleasure! I wish I could say you could march straight to your local music store to pick all of these CDs up but that just isn't the case. As of now, Giraffe, Toy Matinee, and 3rd Matinee are ALL out of print. Kevin Gilbert's solo album "thud", however is still available. Feel free to Email Me if you can't find these CDs and I'll see if I can help you out. There are a bunch of songs in the Real Audio format on each of the individual artist/s pages if you follow the links from the above. Or if you already know you want to get the Kevin Gilbert CD, You can buy Kevin's CD here 

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