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Since I'm always looking for the CD that DOES NOT exist, I thought it would be a good idea to add every *friggin* (check a funny little incident that was brought to my attention based on my little reference to the word "friggin" in my footnotes section at the bottom)CD store that I have spotted on the web so EXPECT this text browser to constantly change. Enjoy surfing to all of these places. You're bound to find what you're looking for sometime!

If you have any additional CD stores that you would like added, just Send E-mail to Rob Bartsch with the URL and I'll add it......Thanks......

Before we get to the CD stores out there, I thought you music lovers would REALLY enjoy this! If you want to find the band web pages and where to buy the artists below, just jump over to my MusicoMania Page.

Check out my listing of CDs that I have for you to buy at $7 each

E-mail me to buy some of my CDs

Click on a band name to listen to some Real Audio tunes while you're looking for new music! You might even find another band worth checking out!

3rd Matinee 
808 State 
Arkenstone, David 
Art of Noise 
Art of Silence 
Carlos, Wendy 
Cocteau Twins 
Drain S.T.H. 
Dream Theater 
Gilbert, Kevin 
Janitor & A Drum 
Keneally, Mike 
O'Hearn, Patrick 
Parsons, Alan 
Pink Floyd 
Saigon Kick 
Spock's Beard 
Toy Matinee 
Type O Negative 

If you like some of these bands and would like to check out some CDs, Click here to go to CDNow and shop til you drop! :) Or, you're welcome to go to my Musicomania page to get to the artists' web site or straight to the artists' discography through CDNow. Have fun!

Before we start the list of CD Stores, here is my current listing of CDs that I have for sale from my collection for $7 a piece with shipping within the U.S. If you're interested, E-mail me to buy some CDs. Or, if you'd like to browse my MONDO list of CDs Click Here to view my Personal CD Collection. If you find something in my personal collection that you really HAVE to have, email me about that as well to see if you can talk/type me into selling it. You never know! I just might go for it depending on my current financial situation! :)

Here is the list of CDs I'm selling:

Boyz II Men-Cooleyhighharmoney
Peter Criss-Criss Cat #1
Dick Tracy-songs done by various artists
Al Di Meiola-Orange and Blue
ELP-Brain Salad Surgery
Fates Warning-Inside Out
Fates Warning-Parallels
Michael Franks-Dragonfly Summer
Kiss My Ass
Marilyn Manson-Smells Like Children
Mr. Big-Lean into It
MTV Double CD-Artists from A-ha to Crowded House...double CD for $10
*NEW*Olive-Extra Virgin
Snap-World Power
Turtles-Greatest Hits

The CD Stores

  • 2ndhand Daylight-UK Resource with rare Lps and CDs here.
  • AB-CD Planet Wide-Has hard to find imports as well as independent labels.
  • AB CD's-Lots of Used CDs to check out.
  • All Music Dot Com
  • Ariman Oy Used CDs
  • Audio House Used Compact Discs-7,000 Used CDs to buy!
  • BargainFinder-Search 9 popular net stores to find a good deal on the CD of your choice.
  • Best Price New & Used CDs-Has great deals in their Used CD section
  • BMG-My favorite service of all of the music clubs!
  • By Request-Used CDs.
  • CD Banzai!-You can find some hard to find imports here but it's quite PRICEY!
  • CD Bargains-More Used CDs!
  • CD Connection Web Site
  • CD Delight-Tons of Used CDs.
  • CD Europe Web Site-An excellent selection of imported CDs to check out.
  • CD Expresso
  • CD Library-New and used CDs
  • CD Planet
  • CD Magic-Rarities and Unofficial Live Recordings.
  • CDnow Web Site-Great selection of CDs to buy including samples.
  • CD-Plus
  • CD Stack-Used CDs
  • CD Teleshop-European CD store with 150,000 selections to choose from.
  • CD Universe
  • CDworld-They have over 100,000 CDs/Videos.
  • Cellophane Square-Great selection of Reasonably Priced CDs. Some are hard to find also!
  • Columbia House CD Club-YES! This is the 10 for 1 club ON-LINE!
  • Compact Discount
  • Compact Discovery-Great selection of New and Used CDs.
  • Country and Rock CDs and Lps
  • Desi Boys-They have 200,000 selections including foreign CDs to choose from.
  • Disc Drive Music-Specializes in collection CD's that are not available in the stores
  • Discophile-Used CDs
  • Discovery Records
  • Disc Trader-Used CDs
  • Dr. Wax New and Used-Everything from Used CDs & Records to Comix.
  • Duffelbag-Used CDs, DVD, and other good stuff.
  • The Dynamic Music Store-Mainly has music in the New Age/World classification.
  • Eclectic Catacomb-Resource for unsigned recording artists and independent record labels.
  • German Music Express-A great selection of German imports.
  • Giardinelli
  • Global Electronic Music Marketplace-Resource for finding rare items whether it's vinyl or CD.
  • Guitar9 Records-Good resource for Instrumental Guitar music.
  • Hirschhorn & Chou's CD Club Web Server-Has every CD that is in Columbia, BMG, & CDHQ Clubs.
  • Horizons
  • IMS-European CDs & Videos
  • International CD-Used CDs, Garage sales, Collectible CDs, etc...
  • Isolation TankGothic stuff and more!
  • JungleLand Music-Used and Hard to find CDs.
  • KTS Live CDs
  • Lakeside TraxBuys and Sells Used CDs.
  • Last Unicorn
  • Last Vestige Records-New and used vinyl and CDs and other goodies.
  • Local Music Stores-Cool list of stores in various cities to visit.
  • Maine Record Store-Some $5 CDs for sale.
  • MGE
  • Musica Autonoma
  • Music Boulevard-145,000 selections including audio/video samples which is always nice.
  • Music Database-Buy, sell and trade CDs.
  • Music By Email-Over 150,000 import titles to choose from!
  • The Music Connection-75,000 selections available.
  • Music For Sale/Trade-It's not a store but you might find something interesting here...
  • Music For A Song-All kinds of cool music to browse through.
  • Music Freaks Used CDs
  • Music Recyclery-Used CD Store with very cool prices.
  • Music Stop-Used CDs, Cassettes, and Videos.
  • Nanucci-An Italian music store to check out.
  • New World CDs
  • Nice Price Collectibles-Primarily Jazz & Alternative music available.
  • No Life Records-Hard to find vinyl, 7", imports and zines.
  • Noteworthy Music-Yet another big store to search. Prices are fairly reasonable.
  • Planet Records-Quality New & Used CDs and Records.
  • ProMusicFind.Com-Great resource for finding rare, used, CDs and LPs and other goodies.
  • Red Eye Records
  • Rockhouse Music Mail Express
  • Second Spin-Used CDs as well as Movies.
  • Silver & Gold Indies-Punk or Indie Music, Japanese Pop, or Animation
  • Siren Disc-Idies and Imports.
  • Soundtrack Café
  • Sound Exchange-Specializes in hard to find imports.
  • Sound Shoppe
  • Sound World Newcastle-Aussie Music site to check out and buy CDs..
  • SoundWire-Underground music source.
  • Surf+CD-Buy and sell Used CDs.
  • Take Notes Import CD Service-Import CD/CDRoms/Videos/Laserdiscs.
  • TCL Special Imports-Another resource for hard to find CDs.
  • Technophilia Used CD Store
  • Terlarc-Contains Classical, Crossover, Jazz, and Blues.
  • That CD and Tape Place-More imports & regular CDs as well.
  • Tower Records Online Music Store
  • Tunes-Good selection of various artists to listen to in Real Audio.
  • Upstairs Records Online-Very cool setup....regular CD prices though.
  • Used CD-The name says it all.
  • Used Music Web
  • World Party Music
  • Zone 33-Electronic Underground Music Source.

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    The word "friggin"-what does it mean. I always thought of it as a way of being humorous and giving impact to a frustrating process. But am I being offensive? Or outright RUDE! Apparently some "anonymous" (of course) user seemed to think so. Since my intention is not to offend, I am more than happy to put that "anonymous" user's email here for your reading pleasure. I found it quite amusing. And it gave me all the more reason to put this friggin section up in my new footnotes area....hahaha Here is Mr. John Doe's email to me. You're going to love this......believe me! :)

    "Do you REALLY know what "friggin" means? It's not a very polite word to use in public. In fact, it's extremely RUDE. -- it's the same as saying the "F---" word. Look it up in the dictionary. It's under "frig". I'd never do business with a person who's rude because one cannot trust a rude person."

    Funny huh? All I could do was laugh. Are peoples' lives on the internet so pathetic that they feel that they should criticize others? HOW RUDE!!! :) I guess people can't do business with me because I used the word "friggin" on this particular page. Should we crucify me now?!?!

    For kicks, I did look up the word "frig" and it means refrigerator so WE'RE BOTH WRONG!!! And I don't friggin care!!!


    Rob Bartsch