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Minnie Driver
Sherry Stringfield
Robin Tunney

Animated (Japanese Anime) Movie Stores

Manga Video
Streamline Videos


Edmunds-Great place to start when shopping for a vehicle to buy!

Cartoon Sites

South Park
Spumco-Check out the company behind Ren & Stimpy!
Stick Figure Death Theatre

Celebrity Links

Celebrity Bites-Very cool site with Real Audio interviews with Celebrities.
Internet Stars
MudPuppy's Certified Links

CD Media Sources

CD Dimensions
Mid Atlantic Media

CD-ROM Stores

Interact CD-ROM Store
CD-Rom Resellers Listings

Comic Book Stores and Then Some

Dr. Comics and Mr. Games

Computer Hardware Companies

Apple Computer-Macintosh Computers
Gateway 2000-IBM Compatibles
Supra-Modem Company

Digital Satellite Systems

Music Choice

Eye Candy

Grokware-Remember Lava Lamps? Check out Grokware!
Amazing Eye Candy Gallery

Freebies From the Web

100% Freebies
Weekly Freebies

Games You Can Play on the Web!

Applet Arcade-You can actually play games using your Netscape Navigator.
Virtual Vegas-A MUST SEE! Very well done web page!

Good Starting Points

Hotbot Search Engine
96 WWW Ultimate Home Page

Home Entertainment Vendor

Earth Stations-Home Entertainment Vendors

IBM Compatible Links

Gateway 2000

IBM Software Links

5 Star Shareware
Audio Apps for Win95
PGPFone-Great software to talk to other internet users
Strouds Downloadable Internet Apps for Windows
Scitech Software Inc

IBM Support Links

Windows Tips and Help

Laserdisc and DVD Resources

Big Emma's Laserdiscs & DVDs
Blam Entertainment Group
Cinema Laser-For Laserdisc and DVD Collectors
Criterion Collection Laserdisc
Davis Video and Sound
LADA Universal
Laserdisc and DVD News
Milwaukee Laserdisc
Movies Online
Playback Entertainment
Ray's Lasers
Video Flicks

Live Shots throughout the World

Girl Cameras
Web Voyeur

Macintosh Links

Apple Computer
Important resource for Apple's latest software releases
Drag Thing Home Page-Cool replacement for Apple's Launcher. Check it out!
Entertaining Macintosh-Tons of games for your downloading pleasure.
Inside Mac Games-Keep up to date on the new games for the Macintosh.
Mac Audio Tools
Macintosh Shopping Directory
Mac on the Net
Networkable Mac Games-Play over the Internet or Appletalk networks against others!
PlainTalk-Great Voice Recognition Program
Ultimate Macintosh

Macintosh Internet Software You Should Download

Hotline-Excellent Server/Client software for the Mac
Macintosh Internet Downloading Page
Netscape Navigator
PGPfone-You can use your computer as a phone with your microphone. For both Mac & IBM.
Real Audio-Great sound resource they plays audio real-time straight through the network to your Mac.
SoundApp-Great program for reading sound files such as WAVs & AIFFs.

MiniDisc Technology

MiniDisc info of all kinds


Cheech & Chong's Web Site
The Crow
Digital Cinema-Tons of movie trailers
Evil Dead
Internet Movie Database
Movie Sounds Page
Real World
Star Wars
Tales from the Crypt
Movie Trailer Park

VHS Movie Resources

For Video-Great prices on Used Movies.
Zap Video-Discount Movie Store

MPEG3 Sites and Sounds

Armitage's Dimension
Boss Net
MPEG 3 FTP Search Site
MPEG 3 Search Site
MPEG3 Site List
Musical Deversions
Scour-Great site, and search utility!
Spooner's MPEG 3 Sites and Sounds

Music CD Enhanced Web Sites

Ardent Records
CD Extra
Enhanced CD Database
Ultimate CD Enhanced Web Site

Music Groups

Aphex Twin
Art of Noise
Art of Silence
Ben Folds Five
Tracy Bonham
Canadian Brass
Wendy Carlos
Catherine Wheel
Charm Farm
Dream Theater
Electric Light Orchestra
Jason Falkner
I Mother Earth
Janitor and A Drum
Nik Kershaw
Lollipop Factory
Luscious Jackson
Jeff Lynne
Sarah McLachlan
Milla Jovovich
Mr. Bungle
Nada Surf
Olivia Newton-John
Ocean Blue
Picture This
Presidents of the United States of America
Rash Behavior
Stan Ridgway
Saigon Kick
Saint Etienne
Spock's Beard
Stone Temple Pilots
Matthew Sweet
Richard Tandy
They Might Be Giants
Eric Troyer
Type O Negative
Van Halen
Andreas Vollenweider
Kip Winger

Music Groups Concert Resources

PollStar-Cool resource for find out what musical acts are coming to your area!
TicketMaster-Yet, another means of checking out what groups are coming to town.

Musical Instrument Links

Ampeg Bass Amps & Gear
Bass Frontiers
Brass Resources for Brass players
Carvin-Great resource for buying some AWESOME electric guitars!
DW Drum Workshop
Harmony Central
Ibanez Guitars
Trace Elliot Bass Amps & Gear

Music Labels

All Canadian Music
China Records
Shrapnel Records
Toneburst Records

Music Resources

Addicted to Noise
All-Music Guide
Blind Mule Music
CD Database
C Notes Music Interactive
IUMA-Internet Underground Music Archive
Metal Edge
Microsoft Music Central
MidWestern Skies-A cool list of many Rock bands you've probably never heard of! Check it out!
Mind Page-Indepedent label for heavy/progressive metal
Similarities Engine-Check out your favorite band and see what other band is closest to their style.
Wide World Web of Music
World Downfall

Music Stores On-Line

Check out this list here!

Party Harvey

THE Party Harvey-What the heck is this you ask? Click on THE Party Harvey and find out!

Real Audio Sound Sites

80s Music Jukebox
Athensnet Jukebox
Audio Net
The DJ
Hard Radio
Virgin Radio
Web 93.5 Radio
Rock Stations

Shopping Etc.

eBay's AuctionWeb-Go to an Auction and make bids on some great deals!
Miller's Hallmark
Wholesale Connection

Tattoo Links

Body Modification Ezine

Unusual Links (from weird to totally psychotic)

Dark Side of the Web
Terminal Links
Weird Places on the Net

Video Game Emulators

Bradock's Hell
Emulating Life
Emulation on the Macintosh-Turn your Power Mac into a Nintendo, Sega, etc...
Kem-emulator for the video game Tron & more
Nintendo Emulator Links
Node 99
Zophar's Doman

Video Games Resources

Arcade ROMS Archive
Classic Video Game Nexus
Dave's Video Game Classics
Digital Leisure-Remember the vid game Dragon's Lair? Check this site out!!!
Game Dude Video Game Store
Game Fan

Video Game Systems

Atari Lynx

Another Atari Lynx Site
Kurt Olsen's Lynx Page
Lynx Generation 2-Could there still be a future to having new Lynx games?
Toad Computers Lynx Section

Sony Playstation

Matt's Playstation Page Playstation Backups
Outrun's Wacky World of Gaming
Playstation Goodies

Web Page Designer Resources

Free Web Space KTP Backgrounds-Download backgrounds for your web pages.
Web Developer's Virtual Library-Good resource for ANYONE that is working on their own web pages.
WWW Chat-Good little chatting program that allows people connecting to your web page to chat with each other.


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