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WOW! Such OLD HTML pages from the year 2001 no less. And here we are August 14th, 2014. Robin Williams has passsed away from an apparent suicide. And frankly I'm pretty shocked. The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions at the thought of Robin Williams no longer being of this Earth. So much so that it brought me back to these very old web pages that I created 16 years ago when I was his daughter Zelda's age. It's funny reading through the red text below (all from 2001 or earlier)which showed me how much anger ensued as a result of paying tribute to someone I thought was not just a funny guy but a good soul.

I did find it intriguing that, as Zelda learned in her modern day twitter account, there are jerks out there that feel the need to destroy people at their lowest state. I decided to add this entry as a single voice for peace. And keep my archives in red below as a reminder that, even though you are putting yourself out there, it doesn't mean you should be a target for people to attack.

Back in the late 90s when I created this page, (at the dawn of the interwebs)"trolling" wasn't even a word. But it was happening to me. All I did was put myself on the web with this being one of my first web sites. Why? Well. I looked out amongst web sites and didn't see much on "Robin Williams". So I made this little page happen. And wouldn't you know it? The trolls started coming out of the woodwork even back then.

Now this old web guy Rob Bartsch of young dear readers was a ripe 24 years of age. And all he...err...I wanted to do was give respect to someone that warmed my heart and made me laugh my ass off sometimes in the same minute. And, little did I know that people I've never crossed paths with would approach me wanting to have an email fight. Wanting to call Robin Williams gay and me gay and blah blah blah. To the point that I fought back. I put these few trolls in their respective places and used the fans of Robin against them. Called them out and allowed any visitors to my site take their shots directly at people that were simply internet bullies (see below if you're curious). I was thankful that I was strong enough to do that.

And now...16 years later. And missing one HUGE light that gave us all so much love in film and television to last many lifetimes. My heart goes out to Robin and his family. And hope they can eventually find peace. And let the trolls go back to their holes where they belong. Far away from the world that they seek out to destroy. And I hope...very much....that even the trolls can find their peace and not be the aholes that they find their present state in. I never understood why ANYONE would want to take apart another human being. I've always been a teasing/jokester type but I never took pride in taking a person apart...emotionally or physically.

Anyways...got a little carried away here. This new section is mainly here for the family, friends and people who admired a good soul. And Zelda. If you're out there and read this. Know there are many more folks on your side than the jerks that are just out to be mean. I'm including some poetry for Robin..and some Suicide poems that I wrote for a friend of mine I lost to suicide as well in hopes that anyone that sees this...will find some sort of peace and/or understanding from the side of those that have lost a loved one to suicide.

With peace and love at heart....Robert J. Bartsch

And here is my poem for a man gone way too soon


by Robert J. Bartsch

Robin Williams dear sir
Though I never met you
You brought me through many times
When my days were quite blue

I grew up with your Mork
When I was but just eight
Having you on the tube
Took away days I'd hate

For I had rough times too
Was a fat kid to boot
Though times could be quite rough
Found a way to compute

Through my video game ways
They helped keep me away
From the bullies in life
That use meanness to "play"

But your films kept me sane
With your crazy like ways
Always bring me right out
Of emotional days

You helped give me joy
When I felt I was done
Don't just throw in the towel
Have a Robinesque "pun"

I grew up with much laughter
You gave from quite a mind
We will cherish forever
You are one of a kind

Had my demons as well
When its all gone to dark
Depression can be so hard
Mind's got nowhere to park

Keeps running downhill
You've lost all of your brakes
Nowhere else left to go
"All's lost" overtakes

I'm so sad you are gone
Felt a kinship to you
Not as "fan" I must say
But a friend through and through

Hope this reaches to you
Wherever you are
Hope you meet my dad there
As another great star


As many have written in regards to suicide, thought I'd also share a few poems I wrote before and after a close friend of mine killed himself. Because you never know when some random person may end up on this page and find some sort of comfort in knowing there are others out here that have the same pains. Just know, although I've been through anger stages when someone close kills themself, far be it from me to judge. I keep in mind that you never know the state a person has gotten to when they can end themselves. And I can't even fathom what that would be like. To end yourself? I'd be too afraid to even attempt it. The point is this is for those that have considered suicide. It's from the perspective of people close to you and what they go through as well. Hope it helps. And by all means...share if it helps others. Thats what the human race should be about. Helping those in need if possible.



by Robert J. Bartsch

I am searching so hard
For the right words to say
While you've packed it all in
And give up on this day

For you've let go of your grip
In this thing we call life
You don't want to hold on
And you'll die by your knife

All I do is give hope
Hope you hold on to something
For we all should have faith
Than to hold onto nothing

Course I can't speak for you
For you've found this dark place
Where there's nothing that holds you
You stare death in the face

Please hear me right now
I'm your bud til the end
Just close off from "the darkness"
And believe in your friend

Find a love to hold onto
Something that makes it all you
But don't let the damned darkness
Make you kill yourself too

Not much more I can say
For it's all up to you
You can end it right now
Or believe "there's still more to do"

But I can say this now
I love you my friend
Please just try to live on
Don't let death come on in



by Robert J. Bartsch

Well my friend you succeeded
To walk up to death’s door
Instead of ringing the doorbell
You pounded that door to the floor

Now I’m lost for the words
That I’d hoped found their way
To help you find some new life
From your world of dismay

I try not to get angry
For you hurt so damn bad
Your pain was so unbearable
Death was all that you had

I can’t imagine the feeling
Of your head pounding through
Those unreasonable thoughts
With no sleep must kill you

I had hoped you’d find meds
That would help cure the pain
But the many you’d take
Never helped your poor brain

Breaks my heart that you’re gone
As you’ve been my best friend
Seen me through many times
From my teens to your end

I pray you have peace
In a world without pain
You deserve to feel happy
Without so much restrain/disdain


And for the rest of this page below. Keep in mind, I was MUCH younger and much less wiser..heh. It was an old fan page from 1998. And for the Robin Williams for President sign. Although that was tweeked by yours truly years ago. I thought it still fits. And hey...we could really use an other worldly being to help us as none of our leaders in the world seem to be having much luck ;-)



Who is Robin Williams you say?!?! Where have you been? Only the most psychotically sane, intensly relaxed, seriously comedic performer on this planet. And only the sickest people in this world can appreciate that. Yes. I admit it. I'm a sick man.

 Robin....if you are out there, you are my inspiration! There are few people on this planet that can make me laugh like you have. This is my dedication to you. Not only as a performer, but as a person. There aren't many that can make it in Hollywood and still be HUMAN (Being Human....hmm....am I plugging Robin's movies now?!?!) and this man has done it. Just watching all of the great movies of impromptu comedy and yet, still able to do serious roles as well is hard to find from one person. Then again, schizophrenia enters my mind seeing Robin in the many different roles that he has played over his career. I don't think I would ever be able to perform such feats without requiring serious therapy myself! Although at times, I have been known to.....well....that is another story......for another page.......heh heh :-)

 Anyone who has seen Robin in action whether doing interviews or going off on a comedic rampage, (actually....is there a difference?) I'm always looking forward to his next project. I know I couldn't exist without having a sense of humor so I appreciate the fact that no matter what is driving me up the walls, I can count on the comedy of Robin to bring me out of a crappy day. I thank God the day that I first sat down and laughed all the way through Popeye. OK, not all the way but still....I enjoyed it!

What else can I say? I just want to bring "Robinism" into your life if you haven't heard of this man. If you haven't heard of him, go check out some of his movies. I can't think of a single soul that has so many different faces in the realm of acting. If you have, I hope that he has kept a smile on your face for as many years as Robin has for me. Keep em laughing Robin. You've always busted a gut with me :-) 


I would like to make an open apology to a user (you know who you are) who just brought to my attention the inadequacies of my Robin Introduction above. Apparently my friends, I have insulted Robin's intelligence without my knowledge (that is a pun in itself...heh heh). Because of my emphasis on Robin's humor and the fact that I used the word "psychotic" in my introduction, I have insulted Robin Williams according to this web visitor from beyond. But, apparently, some people are lacking this really intriguing quality that I tend to portray......could it be.......oh......what is it called.......ah yes!! A SENSE OF HUMOR!

If I meant every word of that introduction about Robin Williams and you're taking ME seriously, there are some severe problems that need to be addressed. How many people have actually read my intro and took this line seriously?

"Only the most psychotically sane, intensly relaxed, seriously comedic performer on this planet."

Come on! You mean to tell me that I'm offending Robin by using psychotic?!?! That whole statement is out there in itself (you know....amusing....funny ha ha....etc) We're all a few baskets short of a picnic my friends!!! Aren't we? Or maybe it's JUST ME! 8^0 My point is....none of us ever play with a full deck. We're just given really band hands to play with in our lives! (don't analyze that....PLEASE...heh heh)

So....to make a long apology short....(too late), I'M SORRY ROBIN! I'm sorry for calling you psychotic! And not pointing out that you are an excellent dramatic actor as well. (which you are). I thank this ONE user from beyond the valley of the web for taking time out to criticize me for mis-interpreting his interpretation of what I tried to make a simple tribute page to someone I found funny. And I'll be looking forward to this user's future as the next web site critic. God knows we don't have enough critics (which I define as "people who have no creative abilities to make it on their own due to lack of talent") I think Webster should add my definition of "critic"...what do you think? ;-)

Never Sincere Enough.....Rob Bartsch

The latest addition I have for you is another rather humorous email that I thought I'd add here since I don't really consider this a "hate monger" kinda email. But it was damn funny none the less. It's yet another criticism of my TRYING to be something that I'm not. I won't elaborate on this though. Just read it...I got a big kick out of it...

And here is the email from...ohhh...let's just call this little fellow "MEDIOCRE BOY"...LOL



"you are trying to hard to be unique and seeing sombody who really is unique like robin williams makes you want to believe that you can relate to him but you are just another typical average kid with hopes of being different.. your little commentary on who he is and who you are is a joke"


"i made a typo by typing "to" instead of "too" but i am in a hurry.. for sombody like you to think that you are sick or that you can appreciate robin more than other average people is far from the truth.. you arent sick and you cant appreciate robin more than your average person which is you.. you like every other average teen will have to wake up and realize that you too are mediocre"


Nahhhh....I really don't have anything to say to this lil dud(e) so I didn't bother emailing back. Obviously, he is speaking his mind which he is entitled to. Besides. I'm just like every other average teen as he says. I have to admit that it's a little awkward for me being 27 years old now but HEY....I'm glad to see that my immaturity still shines brightly in this world by connecting with mediocre people like "mediocre boy" all over the world!

So...here is a toast to all you mediocre people like myself out there. Stand tall! Be proud! Be normal! YEAH RIGHT!!! LMAO

HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR GUYS AND GALS!!! Mr. Mediocrity himself....Rob Bartsch


Congrats to Robin Williams and his FIRST OSCAR!

For those who were living in a cave and missed the 70th Annual Academy Awards, Robin Williams received his first oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Good Will Hunting. For those who haven't seen this movie, it is a MUST! Robin truly deserved this award and I hope to see him win many more! I must say though, it is really sad that to be awarded by the Academy, you have to play a DRAMATIC role. You don't see many comedic actors (if any) get an Academy Award for being in a comedy until Robin finally got his dues (and he played a very dramatic role).....go figure huh? Oh WELL! CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN! You deserve it man!

Sincerely NOT Robin Williams....but rather Rob Bartsch....:)

Robin Williams Hate Monger Section (Updated 5/9/98)

I was reading through an old section of mine that I put up when I received my first hate mail. It not only bashed Robin, but myself for appreciating his humor. It brought back some funny memories though so I thought I'd include it with my Robin Page. It involved a hate mail letter and a response from me with a link to email this hate monger. So....without further adieu, here is the Robin Williams Hate Monger Section.


I'd like to make a quick statement for those who can't read (which makes this whole statement irrelevant doesn't it)? Many have wanted to know what movies I am currently working on and what is coming out. Well.....my name is Rob, but I AM NOT ROBIN WILLIAMS. Yes....I have a tendency to be a tad crazy at times. Yes....I do go off on my little comic rampages myself. However, I'm currently not starring in any motion pictures at this time (that I am aware of anyways....;-) But, you'll be the first to know in my links of what Robin is up to movie-wise when I find out.

 In a nut shell, (bad choice of words huh?) I'd like to think of myself as an "imaginary friend" (or one of them....ha....kidding Robin) of Robin's rather than a fan. Fan sounds like such a strong word to me. Especially after seeing that movie "The Fan" with Robert De Niro......whoa! Especially at the end of the movie when Robert.....heh heh....don't you hate it when people do that?!?!

 What was I typing? Oh yeah. I'M NOT ROBIN WILLIAMS. Got it?!?! I hope so....because I lost myself half way through typing this whole statement. Ahhh....just read the CAPITALS. That is at least clear....:-)

 Rob Bartsch..........AND......I almost forgot to plug Robin.....whoa.....I mean......give Robin a plug......nope, don't like the sound of that either.....I didn't mean that.......oh heck.....read the caption below. Advertise! That is what I meant. Plug seems like such a strong word doesn't it?!? Especially in the context I used it in......sheesh....I apologize Robin. I'm getting as bad as you! :-)