Last Updated 4/27/98

The members of Giraffe are:

  • Kevin Gilbert: lead vocals
  • J. Scott Smith: drums
  • Stan Cotey: guitars
  • Michael Abowd: keyboards
  • Chris Beveridge: bass
  • Latest Giraffe Related News

    Giraffe's guitarist, Stan Cotey has been busy at work with a new artist by the name of Cherie. He has co written a couple tracks that are available on a 4 track EP. For more information on Stan's work with Cherie, check out Cherie's home page.

    A Little Info about the albums by Giraffe

    This was the first band that Kevin Gilbert originally fronted in the late eighties. After competing in and winning the Yamaha music competition, they recorded their first album back in 1987 which was called "Power of Suggestion". The second album, "View From Here" was released in 1989. Currently, these albums are very hard to find and I don't think they will ever be re-released in the future but it wouldn't hurt to e-mail me about getting a copy on tape. I'm still trying to work on getting both of the entire albums on tape but I was lucky enough to have some sound samples of a couple ENTIRE songs from way back when I was going to get this page up and running.

    I've put the sound samples in the Real Audio format so if you don't have it already,Go Get Real Audio! If you like what you hear, go pick up the CD and let me know what you think : )

    Song Titles to Power of Suggestion

  • Overtures
  • The Last Thing on Your Mind
  • In Every Line
  • This Warm Night
  • Image Maker
  • -Listen to song in Real Audio.
  • Because of You
  • Everything We Are
  • New Patriots
  • Can't Make This Love Go Away
  • -Download the entire song in Real Audio.
  • The World Just Gets Smaller
  • Power Reprise
  • Because of You-11th hr. mix (her heart is a quick drum)
  • Finale (roll credits please)
  • Song Titles to View From Here

  • Home
  • Progress-Download song in Real Audio.
  • From Here to There
  • All Fall Down
  • The Way Back Home
  • Waiting for the Rain
  • Holding on With Both Hands
  • I Will Survive
  • Air Dance
  • Welcome Home
  • Check out the LYRICS for the Giraffe CDs HERE

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