Updated 2/20/10

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Rob Bartsch's Poetic Injustice Page

Welcome to my page of poetry. Please excuse the basic looking design of the page but well. Since you're here to read there's no need candy coding/coating this section for you wouldn't you say? I'll be brief. This whole "poetic injustice" thing started when I discovered my ability to have a "play on words". It's fun to take a topic and expand on it. And in a poetic kind of way.

I'll let you be the judge. Just try not to be too much of a harsh one k people? It's not like I'm published.;-)

I've turned 33 now
And it's hit me quite hard
That the solitude I once loved
Has become rather scarred
It occurs to me now
That my life is half done
And the love I've longed for
Hasn't found the right one
But I try to keep looking
Not to worry so much
Being alone at this time
And yet yearning for touch
I've accepted my age
But time flies much too fast
Better stop to take notice
For it's over in a flash
I'm just lying here now
Like I'm off to the race
Not the one with the horses
This one lies deep in space
Feeling lonely inside
Yet I'm still such a loner
Such a contradiction in terms
As I'm wanting to phone her
But this one that I want
Does she even exist?
Haven't found her just yet
And it's found me quite pissed
Not mad but quite drunk
As I drown in my sorrows
Saying "Here's to me on this day"
Hope for better tomorrows
My mind seems to be going
Or “temporarily astray”
While my body is slowing
Old age gets in the way
My soul isn’t glowing
Must have lost it…my light
I am fading away
Like the day to the night
The walls have been closing
Around my world where I live
Guess I misplaced my love
Heart and soul that I’d give
Let the numbness become me
Til I get myself back
Mind, body and soul
For right now’s what I lack
I remember you said
“With you it’s all or it’s nothing”
Guess you’re right I digress
I’s your turkey for stuffing
Well this bird’s taken flight
Seems I finally felt it
All the hurt you deliver
Just ain’t nothin but bullshit
Fate has shown me a card
That helps keep you away
And I proved to myself
I chose me…not your way
I’ve learned this lesson before
Now I’ve finally applied it
Don’t let hurt take my mind
Heart n soul helps to guide it
So you’re right bout this nothing
I choose nothing and take flight
Leave your world far behind
And a new one in sight
AVERAGE JOE (But My Name Goes By ROB)
I'm just your average Joe
But my name goes by Rob
Just a quiet young fellow
Who tries hard at his job
Well not really...I do good
But there's much more to tell
I work hard when I play
But stay closed in my shell
Not a hermit mind you
But I love my own space
I'm an outgoing guy
When I am face to face
I do best on my own
When I keep myself busy
Doing too many things
Til I make me quite schizzy
I embrace all of life
Whilest I figure me out
Taking good with the bad
I'm a big sweet ol kraut
I have left from my puter
Do not fret...I'll be back
I'm just tired of surfing
It's addictive...like crack
Not that I would've known this
But I relate to the feeling
Tho I say no to drugs
Computer projects are reeling
I'm regathering my thoughts
On another endeavor
Maybe music...or my writing
Just do something more clever
But I always return
For I'm drawn to the puter
Many projects to do
Til I crash and reboot'er
A new day has come
Must let go of the past
It was not meant to be
Hold a future to last
Who had said life was easy?
Just don’t let it all crumble
Stroll through every day
Avoid cracks where you’ll stumble
Pain serves you a purpose
Helps to push you ahead
Don’t let all this confuse you
You must watch where you tread
I don’t understand much
But I keep moving forward
Don’t look back towards regret
I tried my best just to be heard
It’s her cross she’s to bear
You did all that you could
Your love can be too powerful
And hers…misunderstood
Let go of this baggage
And let go of your fear
Don’t let it consume you
For a new day is here

Does absence make my heart go yonder?
This is a phrase on which I ponder
It troubles me through every day
When you let me sit…and stay away
Is it cuz you’ve never had it good?
That you’d fall in love..and know you could?
Or is it easier for you just to run
To hide from love
Back to square one
To let this sit and stir inside
Will only make me run and hide
I cannot let this matter free
It’s taken hold. It’s consumed me
I found in time this goes away
Love’s pain just leads my heart astray
As time will only let me know
When true love’s found, I’ll then let go
I'm bald...this I know
And I see it now clear
This bright shiny damn dome
Is a lightning like sphere
I insisted u cut it
Cuz I didn't want "style"
From these Super Cut people
Who don't get my denial
I took it out on u babe
Who I love with my heart
Let u cut it so short
Then I just fell apart
Sorry I made a big deal
Bout a hairline far gone
It just feels so damn real
Now most all my hair is all gone
Tired and bitter
While strickened with scorn
This bitter old man
Has a bent up old thorn
He holds on to the past
But tries hard to move on
It's bad memories that hold him
In a prison of wrong
Always striving for better
He lives life within song
Although dark they do help him
See his right from his wrong
If you see him, say hi
To this bitter old man
Cuz there's more to this fellow
Than his darkness at hand
He was once shining bright
And will shine once again
With his heart...and his love
He will grow in the end
I don’t feel any hurt
Days go by so damn fast
Now I stop to admire them
Find good moments to last
I’m not always this dark
I just love that I wallow
Helps me understand things
Finding song from my sorrow
Brighter days lie within me
As I seek them right out
Remove negative thoughts
And try hard not to doubt
Positive energy all around me
If I try not to break it
Then all good things do come
For all bad…I can shake it
Ever look in the mirror?
You think, “Hey..I’m alright”
And then you look once again
But don’t see any fight?
In these changes we go through
From one day to the next
On some days you are glowing
And some days you feel hexed
It’s frustrating to change
We can’t always be content
Try to keep it together
While brain chemicals will vent
Just go with the flow
Use what’s inside your heart
Let your brain inside too
But don’t keep them apart
Around and around
And around it goes
On this circle jerk of madness
It’s a world full of woes
Could be a matter of love
Or a sick, perverse phrase
That takes you on a wild ride
And leaves you deep /lost in a haze/maze
A circle is infinite
It will go on forever
And this jacked up runaround
Is a thing you must sever
If you’re offered this ride
Don’t get on for the taking
Cuz a circle jerked life
Is a ride full of breaking
When I look to your heart
I see bright neon blue
Like that love once inside
Just runs cold deep in you
You don’t know what you did
When we shared our love’s fire
Then you put it all out
And just killed the desire
Can’t you close this damned door!?!
If you open another?
It’s not fair to my heart
When you take a new lover
I can’t fight anymore
So I’m cutting you loose
I deserve more than this
Than to hang from your noose
Hope is all I hold on to
When I take love back in
Just hope next one’s a good one
Not your burden of sin
I’m a buyer of things
And it’s really quite bad
Fact…I bought this new music
That I already had
I wasn’t always this way
Til I found one small hobby
Buying one disc…then two
Until no one could stop me
Then I found love in film
And got this thing with cassettes
Then it was laserdisc
Then DVD in effect
Collecting all media
Would this ever just stop?
Wait…there plasma screens now!?!
With new sound system will ROCK
So I buy it all up
And I just keep on going
Better head to the store
Keep my credit aflowing
I keep barbed wire around
My engorged bleeding heart
Keeps me confined deep within
And yet physically apart
See it’s love that’s gone sour
And I have no control
So my mind’s taking over
All while hurting my soul
Sometimes love is frustrating
You can hope for the best
But don’t hold on too tight
Or you’re put to the test
Enjoy love as it comes
But don’t let it become you
Love conditionally …and carefully
Let that other heart find you
Critics…you’re over
Your day has now come
I’m here just to show you
It’s time you’re undone
It takes nothing to boast
How you hate artists’ work
Yet you’ve nothing yourself
Just opinionated quirks
Why do people even bother
To let your opinions affect
When any moron with criticism
Is a no talent reject
I could be just like you
If I’d nothing to offer
But a mouthful of words
You’re a lamb for this slaughter
So keep up the great work
Sit back on your fat ass
Keep digressing “I don’t like it”
Your’re no talent…..with no class
Damnit Dad! Why’d you go?
Cuz this poem’s for you
Hope you know even now
Just how much I love you
You have showed me so much
But you died so damn early
Didn’t say what I should
And you left in a hurry
Think you know all too well
That you were everything
Mom and I were so lost
Without you…we felt nothing
It’s been many long years
That we live without you
We don’t have any choice
So we fight our way through
But we’re moving along
Miss you every day
Know we love you so much
In our hearts you will stay
Sometimes we all feel
Life can take us all down
When things don't go our way
And everything makes you frown
Why don't I get what I want?
Why are others so lucky?
Was I cursed at my birth
Til I die, will life fu*k me?
Yes..it does seem that way
But you have to just live
Take each day as a gift
You have much more to give
So let these dark days just pass
There is much light to come
If you stop saying "why me?"
All the bad comes undone
So I'm dating again
After several long years
It's time to give in
And let go of those "fears"
If I don't look around
I'll be forever alone
Hid away in my shell
As my heart turns to stone
But this never was me
I'm ironically shy
Finding women I want
Then all words often die
Yet the extrovert's here
Deep inside of my being
If I work it on out
Then more women I'll be seeing
As for now I'll get out
Try to brave each new date
Hope a good one's still there
If I don't run out of the gate
So it's time for a dip
But I'll start very slow
Need to ease both my feet in
Test the waters to know
Water's COLD as I enter
But my body feels warm
As I swim underwater
I let go of the norm
I'll stay close to the shallow
And steer clear of the deep/leap
I'm not in a big hurry
To fall fast...and for keeps/far and deep
I was scared in the beginning
Til I finally let go
Let the water relax me
And just go with the flow
Days without you
Are just killing my soul
For each day that we've had
Has helped fill up this hole
The gap that made me
Such a shell of a man
Broken heart hurts so bad
Til I held your sweet hand
But I understand "space"
And won't take it from you
I screwed up with my attitude
Feeling really quite blue
So I give you your time
Hope you still will love me
Cuz a day without you
Is a world I can't see