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06.29.10-NEWS!!! Stay tuned to my updates as there will be many new songs shortly!

Click on an underlined song below to listen to it. Like these NEW ONES Heart and Soul and Smile


#1-Self Titled
1.   The End
2.   The People
3.   Payback
4.   Stick in the Knife
5.   Disturbed
6.   Billy
7.   Disgruntled Band Geek
8.   To Love Or Not to Love
9.   In the Dark
10. Song for a Dead Friend
11. Cirque De SchizoPhobia
12. Bassic
13. Psychadelia
14. BweetBox
15. The End (Original Mix)

1.  Da Schiz Bomb
2.  Choose
3.  Guitar Tech-No
4.  Fear
5.  Windy Nights
6.  Pirate Ship
7.  See No Evil-Instrumental
8.  Too Much Thinking
9.  Improvinata
10. Dark Side of Light
11. Dark Segway
12. Spacey
13. Life
14. The Beginning
15. SchizoNova

#3-Music for The People..
1.  Invincible Son
2.  Get Down In It
3.  Roller Coastin
4.  Bells of Inner Peace
5.  Lay Back
6.  Lez Roll
7.  Point of Skew
8.  Da Schiz Blues
9.  Electrolosynth
10. Tripping the Orient
11. Minuetron
12. Psychotar
13. Whisper of Angels
14. Bells of Inner (Improv)
15. Point of Skew (Long Mix)

#4-Most of SchizoPhobia
1.  Song For Me
2.  Payback
3.  Choose
4.  Let's Say Goodbye
5.  Beat Medication
6. The End
7.  Memoirs of a Band Geek
8.  Song For A Dead Friend
9.  Disturbed
10. The People
11. BweetBox
12. Invincible Son
13. Windy Nights
14. Roller Coastin
15. Improvinata



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The Diary of SchizoPhobian Songs

Welcome to the start of my very own compositions! I officially dubbed my SchizoPhobia project in November of 1997.  I never thought this day would come but it finally has. I've been spending some quantity time working on various songs that I've yet to entirely complete until now.  I finished several songs which I'm putting up for all to hear.  Don't expect each song to sound very similar since my musical influences cover Mozart to Megadeth....heh heh.

 The hardest part of this writing/playing/recording is trying to figure out whether you want to write lyrics, dink around with melodies, practice scales, etc. I found a way around this! Do EVERYTHING! I have to laugh when I think about times I'd be sitting at my computer when a melody haunts me that I realize is actually my own. I can't grab a recorder fast enough. And IT NEVER matters what I use to get the idea recorded. In fact, I was on the way to work one morning and hummed the melody and a quarter of the lyrics to a song that is still residing on my Macintosh to this day. And the only reason I still remember it is because I actually kept the song in my head long enough to run to my office and record it on a cheesy microphone on my computer! Is that dedication or what?!?! I'm positive I have an album's worth of songs...and then some! I just need to find where I put them! Heh heh. I have some lyrics on my Mac at home....some on my IBM at home....and some on my Mac at work. AND...I work a full time job too! Scary huh?

I did all the instruments for SchizoPhobia myself because of my experiences with being in a band are the recurring problems with egos which I never had.  And it's hard to relay what kind of sounds you want from each instrument when you're not even sure yourself without playing with what is available. So, why not do my own thing and do it the way that I like it.  I just hope that everyone else can enjoy it as well.

So.....without further adieu, here is my band consisting of me, myself and I .  In fact, "Me, Myself, and I" was what I originally wanted for the name but instead, SchizoPhobia sounded much better.  I play a lot of parts in this world and some of them, I'm afraid of.  Hence, the name SchizoPhobia.


My Discography of Songs from Beginning to End

I thought it would be interesting for the both of us by giving you a chance to listen to even the earliest of demos since all bands start out in the "I don't know where I'm going but here is my first composition stage". Let me warn you though...if you're looking for the better songs, go further down the page and listen to the others. ;-) Anyways, here is the VERY first song I EVER put down to tape. I've been playing bass guitar for a good year now (6 months I've been playing "religiously"). This track was when I hadn't played but literally a month or two. I always wanted to do a little dueling guitar instrumental so I put this little tune together I called simply The Beginning.

Here is the second track I worked on in December of 1997 of what may or may not be an entire album.  We'll see how much patience I have to write that many songs....heh heh.  It is called "The People".  You'll get a kick out of the lyrics.  I'm really not driven "too" crazy by my friends (but I must say that at times we all need to be put in an asylum from our unusual included).  I just thought it'd be different to poke a little fun at people that I know and people in general while I'm at it.  Drop me an email and let me know what you think.......just don't hound me too much ok?  :-)

My third song is a simple little instrumental I did in January of 1998 called, Cirque De SchizoPhobia which was the first thing that I wrote on the piano since I hadn't stroked the ol ivories in about 10 years now. I just recently picked up a Yamaha keyboard and stumbled onto a traditional circus sound and had a blast putting this one together!

Here is the fourth song I did in March of 1998 that is still being pieced together but the basic bass, drums, keyboards tracks are there. I call it Life.

As of May 24, 1998, I just uploaded my fifth song I call Payback . I stumbled upon writing this song based on the keyboard track alone. It has kind of an "oom pa" beat with a dark sounding keyboard patch I used on my Yamaha. Then I decided to throw a little bit of bass over the top and came up with the lyrics last. I hope you like it!

OK, it's June 19, 1998. What can I say? I've been pretty flakey...haha! The bottom line is that I've been toying around with my new guitar which I've been playing for a total 3 months. So...I present to you my first attempt to play guitar. Be nice...:-) This is a basic instrumental that I've been putting together and the sixth song is called Rounding. Nothing too intricate. Just a little play off between the bass and the guitar. I've got SO many tunes in my head that I'm trying to force out so I'm going to try and get these demos up as soon as possible! Rounding was the product of a couple takes. I'm not striving for PERFECTION yet. Just trying to have fun seeing what I can conjure up from my mind to my music.

Welp...a month later....July 16, 1998 and I've got the seventh song done. Not bad considering I'm trying to keep afloat with computer tech garbage full time, and figure this whole music thang out. This is a ballady tune that I call The End.

 It is September 27, 1998 and here is my latest song called To Love Or Not To Love.

Well.....November 8th, 1998, and here is the 9th song called Stick in the Knife. And excuse the abrupt cut off towards the end of the track....I don't have that much server space and I've had to cut my songs off at 3 minutes so at least you get the idea of the song....I've been spending a lot of my time driving myself nuts with the sound quality of these tracks so I haven't been spitting out as much as I'd like to these days. But I'm still plugging away trying to get as many demos out as possible. And for one guy, I don't think I'm doing all that bad, do you...;-)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 1999 now and I'm still plugging away at this music thang. I've got a couple new songs for you to listen to. The first one was recorded in December of 1998 and I call it Disturbed.. It really wasn't a song that I was big on doing cuz it came to me by accident when I started reworking old songs and working on new songs with my new Roland VS-840 recorder. But I had so much fun playing with the bizarre patches on there that I came up with this funny lil track.

The last track that I finished is a tribute song to an artist that I respect very much. Kevin Gilbert. There is currently a tribute CD that is in the works that I did a track for that may or may not be on there. I'm not sure if I'm going to offer this song up but we shall see how it goes. The track is called Song for a Dead Friend. It's my little tribute to a musician that never got the respect that he truly deserved. You can click on his name above if you would like to get more information on the works of Kevin Gilbert.

Hello again! It is now getting towards the end of February and BOY do I have some new songs for you....;-) I've got 4 new tracks here for your listening pleasure. And these are definitely ecclectic....heh. First off, I have a song that brings me back to my Trombone playing days in the high school band that I've simply entitled, Memoirs of a Disgruntled Band Geek. The second song is pretty self's a gooey and gushy love song that I wrote for someone...and you know who you are hon... ;-)'s called In The Dark. The third song is a little instrumental guitar improvisational track that I ended up lucking out with and getting recorded in one take. It's called Psychadelia. And finally, this last one will crack you guys up. I've gotten a hold of a drum and loop program that allows you to do techno stuff. So here is my first shot at "acid jazz techno"....hahaha. It's called BweetBox. is pushing mid May now and it's time to throw some more of my music up for your listening pleasure. First off, we have just one song with my vocals on it called Billy. Next is Pirate Ship which is more of a new drifting into the techno waters for me. Then we have Da Schiz Bomb which is another techno toon for those that wanna good beat to move to. And Improvinata is a keyboard piece that I did with a sonata backdrop with me improvising over the top. It turned out pretty good too surprisingly...;-)

 And we're on to early in June and I have another little diddy for you that I call simply, Choose. I'm getting more confident with my vocals and really let myself go on this song. I'm pretty proud of it other than the fact that I need to be a bit less repetitive on the music side. I was more concerned about the vocals than the actual song though. I just wanted an "outer space" backbeat which I came up with quickly and structured the vocals around it. Hope you like it. :) we are in November and I've got another song to add. Actually, I've got 6 songs that I need to finish up. So hopefully, I will be playing catch up to get these new songs up for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy this instrumental techno song that I call The Dark Side of Light.

Back again. And it's the year 2000!!! I have a couple new songs for you to check out. First we have See No Evil Mix. Which is along the same lines as the Dark Side of Light playing some improv electric guitar to a techno backbeat. The other tune is called Windy Nights which is one of my favorites because it has a "beyond the cosmos" kinda sound to it which I've been TOTALLY into these days. Stay tuned for a second CD coming out soon which is going to be mostly instrumentals.

 The latest news as of March 25, 2000, is that I have a few more tracks for ya. One OLD one that I finally added some vocals to so I could move on to some more shtuff is called Fear. I hope you enjoy it. It's my lil exploration into what we all tend to feel from time to time. The other tune is called Thinking Too Much. Questioning my basic existence on this planet. God I hate it when I'm DEEP...;-)

Hmmm...I guess I dropped off the face of the Earth on updates.  Sorry bout that.  I had all kinds of ideas for a radio station that I kinda started to get exposure to my songs and it just fell through the way side.  Anyways, two CDs later, I'm still doing more songs.  We're start with the latest ballad I call Let Go.  Then there is a little track I did just playing around on the guitar....made it sound pretty percussive and groovin I simply call Trippy.

WOW! It's August 30 of 2009. Pushing the year 2010 and I'm looking through the previous entries almost 10 plus years ago. AMAZING. Looks like my last entry was during my 2nd Schizo CD. And now I have at LEAST 60 + tracks recorded. I released a "Most of SchizoPhobia" CD that I'm entitling "#4" as there are a few tracks I added not on the previous releases. And now I'm looking to add even more music I've been recording on Garage Band. Makes life so much easier just using one machine to lay down all the tracks. It's just finding the time thats holding me back. ;-) Stay tuned here as I'll be going through this little diary of mine and add links to the songs I referenced to all those years ago. I found it amusing listening to the songs I recorded back in 1997 til now. Be fun to reference them through this Diary of "Beginning to End". So bare with me as I undergo some web page rennovations and provide tracks to listen to (both new and old).

Well...I'm going to stop saying I'm consistent with my It's March of 2010 and I'm going through old tracks, always working on pieces of new tracks but also getting sidetracked with my poetry page where I've written over 174 to date. To find the time to do all this is quite the task but hope to have new tracks up. The latest updates are adding the link to "Memoirs of a Band Geek" which seems to be my most downloaded to date. Also adding the link for "To Love or Not To Love" which was an written back in 2000 I want to say that was an acapella song I did on my thoughts on "love". And my thoughts have not changed in the last decade it seems.

All the best....Rob Bartsch (aka the one man band that was and will be again....SchizoPhobia)


Where can I get some SchizoPhobia CDs?!?!

I've been getting some emails about people interested in getting all this SchizoPhobia music on CD. Currently, I have at least about 20 songs that I've put on CD which I can do for you. If anyone is interested in a CD, I've been dumping CDs for $8 a pop (with shipping included) just to get these tracks out there in the world. So if you're interested in having a CD made for ya by yours truly, Email me, won't you? :-)

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