The Music of TOY MATINEE

Toy Matinee is:

Kevin Gilbert: lead vocals, guitar, & keyboard
Patrick Leonard: keyboards and background vocals

With a little help from their session musicians:

Brian Macleod: drums and percussion
Guy Pratt: bass
Tim Pierce: guitar

Additional Background Vocals:

"Turn it on Salvador"-Julian Lennon
"Things She Said"-Julian Lennon, Derga McBroom
Occasional Background Vocals, Guitar & Percussion-Bill Bottrell
Sal's Clarinet Trio: Jon Clarke, Donald Markese, Jon Kip

A Little Info about the album Toy Matinee

NO. This is NOT an ad for gingervitis. Don't let the face on the album cover fool you (or scare you for that matter)! Toy Matinee is definitely a band to be reckoned with. The original collaboration started in 1990 with the team of Kevin Gilbert and Patrick Leonard. If I had to classify this album's sound, it would be in the area of college radio. Although "college" seems to be classified more as alternative and I don't think I would go that far. Their sound is unique in the way Patrick & Kevin's sound and voice put together makes for an unusual array of sounds in their music. From rock/pop to ballads, Toy Matinee is on top in my opinion. Julian Lennon also contributed to Toy Matinee on a couple of tracks.

I've put some sound samples in the Real Audio format so if you don't have it already,Go Get Real Audio! If you like what you hear, go pick up the CD and let me know what you think : )

Song Titles to Toy Matinee

Last Plane Out:Listen to this song in Real Audio!
Turn it on Salvador
Things She Said
Remember My Name
The Toy Matinee
Queen of Misery
The Ballad of Jenny Ledge:Listen to this song in Real Audio!
There was a Little Boy
We Always Come Home

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