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Writing Schedules &
Very Important Information


M-W-F Classroom Hours
T-Th Classroom Hours
Library Orientation and Tour Schedule
Library Summer 2000 Hours
Instructor Assignments to Computer Labs
Open Access Lab Hours
Common Assignments in Writing Component
Information Competency Self-paced Labs

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Class Hours

Meet in Classrooms or as directed by your instructor

Track A

Track B

Writing 8-9:50

Math 8-9:50

Break 9:50-10:15

Break 9:50-10:15

Math 10:15-12

Writing 10:15-12


Tuesday-Thursday Class Hours

Track A

Track B

Writing 8-9:15

Math 8-9:15

Math 9:30-10:45

Writing  9:30-10:45

Culture Enrichment
Culture Enrichment


2001 Library Instruction for Summer Bridge

Coordinator of Library Instruction: Ross LaBaugh

Location: Orientations in Library
Day: Wednesday, July 12th

Writing 8:00 sections

Writing 10:15 sections

Robert Powell

8:00 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

10:15 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

Diana Day

8:00 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

10:15 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

Rosa Monarrez

8:00 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

10:15 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

Lucille Sutton

8:00 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

10:15 Orientation in Room 1209
Tour follows immediately

Janee Young

8:00 meet in Lobby for Tour
8:45 in Room 1209 for orientation

10:15 meet in Lobby for Tour
11:30 in Room 1209 for orientation


Library Summer 2001 Hours

Monday and Friday 0800-1700 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 0800-2000 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm)
Saturday 1300-1700 (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm)
Sunday Closed


Instructor Assignments
to Computer Labs

Robert Powell  28 Windows 98 PCs
(Netscape and Word 2000)
Diana Day  24 Windows PCs
(Netscape and Word 97)
Rosa Monarrez  28 PCs
Windows 98  (Netscape and Word 2000)
Lucille Sutton  20+ Mac G-3s (Netscape and Word 98)
Janee Young  27 Windows 98 PCs
Netscape and Word 2000
   27 Windows PCs
Windows 98 (Netscape and Word 97)


Open Access Computer Lab Hours

Lab location

Hours Open

Agriculture 101 Daily 3-5
Education 161
[note: WebCT Math only]
Daily 5-9
Education 165 Daily 5-8
Education 169 Daily 5-9
Education 165 Saturday 10-5
Library Instruction Lab 
(rm. 2206)

M 2-5
T W Th  3-8


2001 Summer Bridge Writing Component

Common Assignments and
Common Due Dates

Library Assignment Walking Tours: See schedule

ALIS orientation: scheduled on Wed., July 12, and various times.

Assignments due

July 18

Essay of Experience
(p 157)

Reflect on the situations that gave you a new perspective, taught you a lesson or enriched your life. Write a 500-700 word essay that describes the way in which these experiences influenced you. Remember the purpose of this essay to explore an experience that was life changing. It is important, therefore, to discuss how you were before this experience, describe, the experience, and explain how it influenced you.  

July 6, 2001  
Essay of Classification  
(p 199-202)

Some theorists contend that cultural identity entails performing  daily routines, celebrating important traditions, and respecting important historical events. Write a 700-800 word essay that identifies and explains the way in which you and your family “perform culture.”    

July 13, 2001  
Research Report

This assignment requires students to combine the elements of personal and persuasive  writing by presenting the writer’s experiences of researching a personally important topic.  Build upon the ideas or topics explored in the first two essays. There are three major features of the research report:

  1. Students should approach it as a research quest.

  2. Use library sources to supplement personal experiences, memories, or observations of the topic. 

  3. The report should focus on the research journey pointing out discoveries made along the way.

 Your paper should be 900-1200 words in length and should use MLA internal text citations and a Works Cited page.  

July 25, 2001  
Final Examination The final examination will cover the material in the writing skills component, both readings and lecture material. Wednesday,
July 26
Portfolio The portfolio will include the culture essay, the culture paper, finished in-class essays, and other materials as directed by your instructor. Thursday,
July 27

Link to
Writing Schedule


Topics of Self-Paced Labs:
Information Competency with a Focus on Culture

Lab One
Windows & Macintosh Operating systems
Saving files
[very important]
Lab Two
Library research using computer resources
Taking notes using Netscape & Word
Using Quotations in Writing
Lab Three
In-text Citations
Works Cited
MLA Format
Lab Four
Polishing papers
Spell & grammar checking



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